The Fort Monroe YMCA Is Open

The YMCA opened its doors on Fort Monroe July 1.  Located at 8 Ruckman Road, the facility has three levels and includes exercise machines, weights, racquet ball courts, spinning room, a rock climbing wall and more. It’s website says the Y will be open six days per week, Monday through Saturday. This historic antebellum building […]

Residents Supporting Local Schools

Chamberlin resident Elouise Miller took the lead and helped gather the receipts, and that’s good news for local students. For about 14 years now, Farm Fresh has held an annual 123-4 The Community Receipt Tape Program that to help earn supplies and necessities for local schools. Residents at The Chamberlin have stepped up to earn points. Our […]

Meet The Chamberlin Family – Wilson and Rosetta Pitts

Wilson and Rosetta Pitts joined The Chamberlin family in April of 2014. Rosetta is a Virginian by birth, but spent most of her life in New Jersey, Wilson’s home state. They moved to Virginia from New Jersey to be closer to Rosetta’s family. This loving couple have been married for 51 years. They have two […]

Laughter is the Lesson of the Day at the Chamberlin

If you were hearing some hoots and howls coming from the 9th floor of the Chamberlin recently, believe us when you say it was all in the name of good health. Nancy Weil, founder of the Laugh Academy, travels the country spreading the word about the value of laughter and was at the Chamberlin talking […]

Meet The Chamberlin Family – Albert Francis

A special salute to resident Albert H. Francis who rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force before retiring and retiring at The Chamberlin in 2009.  It was a homecoming of sorts as Fort Monroe was one of several places he was stationed during a 26 year military career. Born […]