Bob Zentz presents “The Rhyming Muse” – May 24th

The Chamberlin Presents: Bob Zentz-“The Rhyming Muse”

Tuesday, May 24th
Grand Lobby, The Chamberlin
Concert from 3:30 to 5:00

An afternoon concert in the Grand Lobby. 3:30 pm Open to the public, the concert is free.

A Bob Zentz concert is a smorgasbord of contemporary, traditional and original songs, tunes and chat, linked by the artist’s philosophic perspective, thematic logic and a strong ‘sense’ of history, humanity and humor. In performance, the audience becomes involved, creating a spirit of community through shared choruses and related ideas.

From traditional Celtic tunes and ballads to-science fiction songs and sea chanteys … from tales of “Old Timers and Old Rhymers,” to poetry set to music … each show is a unique testimony to Bob’s vast repertoire and varied personal interests.