Laughter is the Lesson of the Day at the Chamberlin

If you were hearing some hoots and howls coming from the 9th floor of the Chamberlin recently, believe us when you say it was all in the name of good health.

Nancy Weil, founder of the Laugh Academy, travels the country spreading the word about the value of laughter and was at the Chamberlin talking with residents about the health benefits of a good laugh.

The research says laughter really is the best medicine, according to Nancy.  It has been shown to improve your immune system, reduce pain and stress, and encourages both brain and respiratory health.  The key, says Nancy, is to keep what makes you laugh close at hand for when you need it.

“Laughter is like a vacation,” she says. “It doesn’t happen if you don’t plan for it. Make it a part of your life so that every day you are laughing.”

Nancy, who calls herself the “Minister of Mirth” worked with Chamberlin residents on creating what she calls a Humor Plan of Action, a list of handy helpers that you know can make you laugh.

Here is a list of some of the most common things found is people’s Laugh Kit:
–          Funny TV show or movie – New or old, put those sure-fire DVD’s where you can find them.
–          Clips from favorite comics – YouTube is a great resource.
–          Props and toys – Create a “joy basket” of things that make you laugh.
–          Pets – If not yours, know where a silly pet lives?
–          Positive people and friends – Who can you count on to make you laugh when you need it?

Nancy Weir is certified laugh leader from the World Laughter Tour.  Her work as a support counselor at a cemetery in Buffalo, NY, showed her the value and importance of laughter in life.  Today she travels the country speaking about how to use humor and laughter for good health.  Nancy appeared in Hampton thanks to support from R. Hayden Smith Funeral Home in Hampton. For more information, go to