Promise Law Seminar – October 27th
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The Chamberlin Presents: Promise Law Seminar

Thursday, October 27th
The Solarium, The Chamberlin
From 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Healthy As an Ox? Consider Life Post-Plow: Understanding Living Wills & Do Not Resuscitate Orders

Most of us would rather not think about much less talk about the reality of aging and health care crises. But, at the same time, we often have very strong opinions about the type of care we expect to receive in these moments. This presentation by Geneva N. Perry, Esq., a local estate planning specialist, will explain the legal documents involved in health care decision-making including advance medical directives, living wills, and do not resuscitate orders.

Light Refreshments will be served.

Please Call: 757-637-7200 for more information