The Titanic: From Hammocks to Feather Beds, Part 2 – October 6th

The Chamberlin Presents: The Titanic: From Hammocks to Feather Beds, Part 2

The Ships and Their Evolution Before Titanic

Thursday, October 6th
The Solarium, 9th Floor, The Chamberlin
Presentation from 3:00 to 4:00 pm

An afternoon presentation by Ron Lewis of the Mariner’s Museum. Presentation begins at 3 pm.

Titanic! The name brings to mind shipwrecks and maritime disasters! But what of the burgeoning transatlantic travel before the titanic? This “prequel” starts back before man challenged the sea; before this barrier became a highway. The many trials and failures we experienced to, eventually, build and launch the ships that would determine our future. Last month, in part one, we traced the great ship’s development and her ill-fated maiden and final voyage. Now we’ll look back, way back, to the vessels of early man. We’ll learn how one success led to another and another and, finally, to the mighty ships that predated the Titanic, and, perhaps, draw some conclusions about the folly of man thinking he can outwit Mother Nature.

Open to the public, the program is free. For more information, call 637-7203.