The Titanic: From Hammocks to Feather Beds – September 8th

The Chamberlin Presents: The Titanic: From Hammocks to Feather Beds

The Evolution of Transatlantic Steam Travel

Thursday, September 8th
The Solarium, 9th Floor, The Chamberlin
Presentation from 3:00 to 4:00 pm

An afternoon presentation by Ron Lewis of the Mariner’s Museum. Presentation begins at 3 pm.

“From Hammocks to Featherbeds: The Evolution of Transatlantic Steam Travel” The compulsion, romance, desire to set sail for distant lands abides in us as almost genetic. Early man was daily faced with seemingly insurmountable barriers of water….and he learned to use those barriers as highways to speed him to new worlds. Now, in the twenty-first century we regard travel by ship as common and unremarkable. But how did we come to this point? To travel across the wide Atlantic Ocean, where no island existed as a refuge, surely took some degree of daring and confidence…and only the wealthy would embark with comfort assured. We’ll discuss the early days of transatlantic steam travel and examine the many trials, failures and successes that brought us to the emergence of ships like the Titanic and all that it means to us today.

Open to the public, the program is free. For more information, call 637-7203.